Cover Reveal & Black Friday Book Deals

Here’s some bookish news I’m so thankful for and excited to share with you! Together with my publisher Write Integrity Press, I’m proud to present the official cover for The Reactionary, the final book in The Rogues trilogy, scheduled to release February 19, 2019. Click here to learn more about this thrilling conclusion to Portia’s story.

Rock star graphic artist Kelli Sorg has faithfully worked with me on all three covers for this series, and I’m so happy with the how they turned out! The minimalism, symbolism, and striking colors were exactly what I had in mind. I hope you love them as much (or nearly as much) as I do!

Black Friday Book Sale

I’m also thrilled to announce that Write Integrity Press in hosting its first ever Black Friday Kindle sale. Snag The Revisionary and The Revolutionary on Kindle for just $.99 from November 23-26! Plus, you can fill up your reading queue with some other outstanding Christian fiction and non-fiction titles by my fellow authors.

I don’t know about you, but the type of sale that doesn’t involve me dealing with crazy crowds but making purchases from my cozy home is essentially perfection. Did you know you can also gift Kindle books? Simply select the book and choose the “Buy for others” option.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving and happy reading!

~ Kristen


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The Revisionary Cover: An Unlikely Story

We all like unwrapping presents on our birthdays. For my birthday this year, I wanted to “unwrap” something my readers could enjoy with me.

So, I asked my editor Marji if I could share my new book cover with my readers today, and she said yes!

I can’t wait to share the story “inside” the cover with you on June 6 (release day), but today, there’s another story to tell. It’s the one that made this cover possible and one that began in an unlikely place.

The Story behind the Cover

The year was 2007.

I had recently graduated from college and started a job at a marketing company. A few cubicles over from my station sat Kelli, a graphic designer who soon became my friend.

On her screen, she made “magic,” my word for it looks amazing but I have no idea how you did that. (Trust me. Making a safety product catalog look exciting takes skill.) Anyone could see Kelli put her heart into her work. I thought to myself: If she can make a safety catalog appear that incredible, what can she do with a creative project like a book cover?

At the time, I was working on my second book and wanted to use Amazon’s CreateSpace  to publish. This platform offered me the flexibility to upload my own book cover or have someone on Amazon’s team design it.

But I didn’t want a stranger designing my cover. I wanted a friend, and I was confident Kelli could capture my vision. On the side, she did some freelance work, so I shared my idea with her.

Then, she worked her “magic,” not once, but twice—designing the covers for both my second and third books in the Wings of the Dawn trilogy.

A New Leaf

Since then, Kelli and I have both moved on in our careers and lives. She’s married with a darling little boy and has also started her own design business called Make It Snappy.

When I signed with Write Integrity Press for my new trilogy, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to work with Kelli again. Publishing houses typically prefer their own design teams.

But I decided to ask anyway, and to my delight, my editor approved for me to work with Kelli. We would then review her designs together and go from there.

That brainstorming meeting at Panera was electric. Kelli and I were bursting with creative energy and ideas. We received our share of stares from other guests, wondering what all the buzz was about.

Today, you get to find out.

Gratitude and a Parting Challenge

With deep gratitude to my friend Kelli and editor Marji, I’m thrilled to present the cover for Rogues, Book 1: The Revisionary.

Looking back, I can see how God worked in my ordinary circumstances, allowing me to build relationships that would have a direct bearing in my writing journey. Kelli’s story is just one of many I could share.

Maybe your current situation isn’t ideal. Maybe you’d rather be someplace else. I encourage you to make the most of the relationships and opportunities, limited though they may seem, that are before you. You never know how your current experiences will shape the future God has in store.

~ Kristen



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Character Profile: Portia Abernathy

portia-quote-1Do you have a favorite fictional character? If you solved the trivia quiz from a few weeks back, you discovered one of mine.

Portia is Shakespeare’s heroine in his comedy, The Merchant of Venice. This rich heiress of Belmont faces (what she believes to be) a miserable problem: she cannot choose whom she will marry. Her late father set up a lottery system using three chests of gold, silver, and lead. The man who discerns the meaning of each chest and chooses the right one will win Portia’s hand.

But she is anything but a damsel-in-distress. When her eventual fiancé Bassanio tries to rescue his good friend from a spiteful lender, she disguises herself as a lawyer in the case. In one of literature’s most classic court scenes, she saves Bassanio’s friend and teaches her fiancé a lesson about keeping his promise. (I can’t give away the story; you’ll have to read it yourself.)

Portia in The Revisionary

Thank you, Shakespeare, for letting me borrow your tenacious gal’s name. Would you like to get to know her? Here are a few details that will help paint a sketch.


He [Dad] figured that if I can’t run from danger, I should at least be able to aim at it … There are some things in life no one can outrun.

  • Name: Portia Abernathy
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 4’11”, possible stunted growth from childhood trauma
  • Hair color: platinum blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Back injury prevents her from thriving in physical education classes. Undergrad adviser awarded her an alternative protection elective; consequently, she carries a Taser.
Personality profile:

“Miss Abernathy, your draft is impressive, but then, intelligence runs in your family. So does bad blood.” – Eliab, Commanding Gage at the Crystal Globe University

  • Nickname: Cotton (see hair)
  • Intellectual achievement marks her as a draft candidate.
  • Creative outlet: writing rhymes
  • Relationship status: single and refused compatibility testing (determined not to become a victim of the system like her sister).
  • Favorite color: autumn sky
  • Favorite animal: firefly

“To most, the man across the table from me is nothing but a broken, old Tooler with knobby fingers and dirty nails. To me, he is everything left that’s kind and lovely in the world.” – Portia on her father

  • Father: Abram Abernathy, professional Tooler
  • Brother: Darius Abernathy, serving a life sentence on a western satellite for refusing his draft
  • Mother and Sister: deceased

Cover Reveal: Coming Soon

You’ll have a chance to learn more of Portia’s backstory with a free novelette (bonus feature) I’ll be giving away for those who sign up to pre-order The Revisionary. Look for more details on both the novelette and pre-order information later this spring.

If you missed the first post about The Revisionary, its setting, and premise, be sure to visit my book page.

In the meantime, I’ve added a countdown on my site, because I’ll be sharing my cover (and the story behind it) on April 4 to celebrate my birthday with you!!

So … Who’s your favorite fictional character and why? I’d love to hear.




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