Speaking Topics

The following are some available topics to challenge and encourage your audience. Kristen would be delighted to tailor them to meet your unique needs. Please contact her with a request to discuss in more detail.

Unpacking Expectations

Regardless of our life stage, we all struggle with expectations—whether other people’s or our own. In this talk, we’ll unpack expectations from a biblical perspective. We’ll identify four principles about expectations and leave with some practical takeaways to help us live out God’s purpose for us with confidence and grace.

Takeaways include:

  • Allow God’s Word to shape our expectations.
  • Dig into four Bible characters who can teach us the danger of letting expectations govern our lives.
  • Leave encouraged by how God can take unfair expectations and transform them into something beautiful.

Ideal for women’s ministry events or a keynote at conferences

The Daniel Dare

Somewhere after graduation, many people settle for the status quo. They begin a routine that becomes a rut that they can’t break. Then, ten years later, they wonder where some of the best years of their lives went and ask what they have to show for it. In this challenge, we’ll confront a dare, a dare not to settle–but to shine for Christ.

Takeaways include:

  • Recognize that our choices impact how God can use us.
  • Choose authentic faith over people-pleasing.
  • Prioritize time with God.

Ideal for graduations or college groups

Be Rare in a Medium-Well World

How can we soar above mediocrity and live meaningfully? The answer I’ve found true in my experience may surprise you. It’s not the once-in-a-lifetime moments where we have the greatest impact. It’s in the every-day decisions that make those moments possible. In this challenge, we’ll explore three habits that, if we let them simmer daily in our lives, will help us live rare.

Takeaways include:

  • Let Scripture direct our priorities.
  • Discern the qualities that define a worthwhile opportunity.
  • Apply a biblical view of success.

Ideal for graduations or a keynote at conferences

Live an Extraordinary Life

As young people, you sit on the springboard of your futures, each of you wanting to live an extraordinary life. You have dreams, goals, hopes, and expectations for the future. However, we sometimes take for granted that life is going to go our way or that our dreams will magically unfold. The truth is, they often don’t in the way or time we expect. What do we do then?

Takeaways include:

  • Define a biblical view of satisfaction.
  • Embrace humility to let God shape our paths.
  • Find the Scriptural secret to lasting contentment.

Ideal for graduations or youth groups