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The Rogues, Book One: The Revisionary (2017)

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Q:  This is your first dystopian novel. Was this genre important to the message? – Ashley Jones

A: … I wanted to present a dystopia of a different kind, one that looks backward to find the wisdom to move forward. – Kristen Hogrefe

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What started as a way to bring her brother back morphed into a battle for knowledge and, ultimately, truth…

The world Kristen created in The Revisionary is reminiscent of that in the Hunger Games, but our heroine’s journey of discovery is comparable to that of Tris’ in Divergent. If you liked either of those series, The Revisionary is an obvious MUST read. – Jordan

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  • Review by Christian Books for Tweens and Teens

The Revisionary is a sharply written dystopian tale with an interesting protagonist and supporting characters. The well-woven plot takes some interesting turns, including journeys of a sort back into American history. The political and relational intrigues and subtle spirituality were captivating.  This is a book readers should look forward to reading. – Glenn Haggerty

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I’ve never read a book that ties history so closely with a futuristic dystopia before and I found it strangely impacting to see how history may affect the future someday. For those that have a passion for change on a large scale—this book will inspire you. – Cassia Schaar

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The Rogues, Book Two: The Revolutionary (2018)

Q: What is your favorite part of the book?

A: My favorite part of the book is part of the subplot that involves Portia uncovering Gath’s true story despite all its ugliness. His redemptive character arc holds a surprise or two I think readers will enjoy!

Q: Is there a message in your novel you hope readers will grasp?

A: The novel develops several themes, including the source of one’s true identity, dealing with the struggle of guilt, overcoming the crippling effects of fear, and discovering the power of second chances. I hope readers will be inspired through the story to find hope if they’re facing difficult circumstances.

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The Rogue world keeps on getting bigger and better! With complex characters and thought provoking plot lines, this second installment was impossible to put down. Whether a student or spy, Portia is a lovable heroine who shows the reader what it looks like to do the right thing, regardless of the cost. Yet we enter a world where “the right thing” isn’t always so black and white. This is a fun and inspiring read for young adults who want to make a thoughtful and positive impact in the world.

– Brendon

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The Revolutionary continues this dystopian tale at a furious pace and with heart-pounding suspense. The concentration camp breaks down the heroine, nicely revealing common human fragilities, and yet she remodels into courage, resourcefulness, steadfastness and compassion which she wears like a badge. The relational intrigues, including the romance and spirituality, were captivating. The Revolutionary is an entertaining and edifying sequel to The Revisionary.

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I must first start by stating that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A few months ago, I read the prequel novella A Cord of Three Strands and appreciated it. At the time I added this one to my wish list a sort of forgot about it. I really wish I had read them closer together. As I was reading this book it felt really familiar, I am sure some readers will compare it to The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau, and as much as I did enjoy that book, there is something different about this one, that draws me in more. This was a book that I really did not want to put down.

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