Revolutionary Love

I had the privilege of meeting Christi Perry at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference last year. Her heart for writing and for Christ shines through her life and words, so when she asked if I would guest post for her, I gladly said yes!

Her blog Not Born Fearless offers an honest, transparent look at dealing with fear and uncertainty in everyday life. I hope you’ll take the time to visit her site for my full post and check out some of her other great content.

Post Excerpt

Love perseveres in spite of obstacles. Love gives without any guarantee of receiving. Love sacrifices until it hurts and then sacrifices some more.

If I told you those themes are part of my latest novel, you might guess I’m a romance writer, right? Well, they are, but guess again. The Revolutionary is a dystopia.

Wait. Dystopia? You mean one of those futuristic novels so dark they make the problems of our own world look like a walk in the park? Yes and no. Though dystopian novels have certain bleak characteristics, I think that setting paints the perfect contrast to the hope characters are fighting (and sometimes dying) to gain.

How can a dystopia present an accurate view of love? I’m glad you asked.

Click over to Christi’s blog to read the full post.

~ Kristen


Revolutionary Love: Dystopias can reveal real love, too – @kjhogrefe (Click to Tweet)


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